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LUGANODANTE’s rooms have been designed with the same attention to detail in the choice of materials, furnishings, and lighting as the rest of the hotel.

The colors reflect the blue tones of our beautiful lake. The sand-colored walls and tone-on-tone ceilings match perfectly with the warm shades of the floors, the wood-like finish of the bedrooms, and the ceramics of the bathrooms. The rooms flirt with natural materials, such as walnut woods and brushed brass.

Generally speaking, the rooms are the more intimate space of a hotel but, in the case of LUGANODANTE, they are part of the storytelling and the narration of the concept of hybrid hospitality. Dedicated lighting, ergonomic seats, and unusual workstations are available to those who choose LUGANODANTE not only for its leisure atmosphere, but for its business activities as well. 



Free soft drinks in all the rooms

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Your journey to LUGANODANTE begins before you even get to the hotel, thanks to MyPage™, our hyper-personalized pre-stay tool, enabling you to select your own stay enhancing preferences, such as the room temperature, the selection of drinks and snacks in the minibar, or your favorite pillow from our wide menu.
After the reservation you will get a link to our portal, where you will be able to personalize your stay!



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