Refined and cosmopolitan atmosphere

We like you

Once you enter LUGANODANTE’s doors, you will be brought to a refined and cosmopolitan atmosphere, a living room with attention to every detail, starting from the different light scenarios during the day, including the music: different playlists have been curated to follow the moods of each moment of the day



Clean & Safe

Personalize your stay

Your journey begins before you even get to the Hotel, thanks to MyPage™,our hyper-personalized pre-stay tool, enabling you to select your own stay enhancing preferences, such as the room temperature, the selection of drinks and snack in the minibar, or your favorite pillow from our wide menu.

How does MyPage service work?

Creative Box

The experience continues on the second floor, in our Creative Box. More than a simple space for conferences and meetings, the Creative Box welcomes you with a winter garden, and a unique lighting system: LUGANODANTE partnered with Innerscene to bring the first virtual sun to Switzerland. The technology creates the illusion of a natural sky, from dawn to sunset, and adds a cool vibe to our Creative Box. 


Direct access

Even though we are located in the peaceful and serene pedestrian area of Piazza Cioccaro, our automated underground garage is open and supervised 24/7.

Please don't forget to pre-order your personal garage space.

Our daily Parking fee: CHF 35 (average 24-hour parking fee in Lugano city: CHF 43).

Given the automated service, it is not possible to park motorcycles and scooters: it is recommended to park in the Motta multi-storey car park, located a few meters from LUGANODANTE.

If you drive electric, moreover, one Tesla Wall Connector and two universal power connectors, are available to recharge your vehicle.