Ars Alchymiae, an alchemic experience

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After the lounge area, the lobby continues blending into the spaces of the hotel's brand new restaurant: FLAMEL Bistrot & Mixology. The chef is at work behind an industrial glass window, and guests are welcomed in Verpan velvet seats, custom-made blue leather upholstered benches, Miniforms Tube’s chairs, and the iconic Baxter furnishings.


Michelin 2022

The contrast between traditional recipes and the modernity of FLAMEL concept is, per se, already alchemic

The kitchen has been designed to optimize spaces and create an environment enhancing the workflow of our staff, resulting in the ultimate Bistrot of the Ticino region, a strategic location at the very center of two of the best culinary traditions in the World: French and Italian. These influences relive both in our dynamic yet traditional dinner menu than in our lunch offers.

Having a cocktail at FLAMEL is truly the ultimate alchemical experience

At FLAMEL, we pay our homages to the myth of French alchemist Nicolas Flamel: just like his elixir vitae, our "potions" are meticulously created and bottled in our lab, then served by our expert bartenders directly in your glass.

We use both ancient techniques, such as fermentation, and modern ones for self-distillation through the Rotavapor, a machine that allows us to re-distill under vacuum at low temperatures, thus managing to preserve all the fragrant parts of the plants and spices used. 

FLAMEL also offers a wide wine selection, a balanced mix of local products, original proposals, and great classics. For those who prefer a more natural and ethical drinking experience, Flamel offers a wide selection of both organic and vegan wines.

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